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stock thing to add is?

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got my tc....a silver 1st car...dont know anything bout cars xcept to drive it....what would be the best thing to add on my stock tc........pls help
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Welcome and congrats on getting your tC!
Please let us know what type of MODs you are interested in.... like Performance, Visual, etc.

Since this is your first car, I would recommend that you keep it stock. The car is great as is and offers much better performance and ammenities than most of the forum member's first cars. Thats just my opinion.

Once you have identified the type of changes you would like to make on your tC, you can browse through the Scion tC Talk and Scion tC Tech sections of this forum for further details.
The search functionality is also very useful if you want info on modifying specific parts of your car. Take for example, if you searched for "fog lights", three threads will come up.

Good luck...
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i agree to keep it stock until you get a feel for the car.. but with that said.. i've already added the strut tower bar, and it has increased the steering feel.. had it on my old civic coupe and it worked there, works here as well.. i got the scion brand one by hotchkiss.. i think the dealer wanted $225.. if you don't know how to put it on.. then let the dealer do it.. but if you do know how to install parts, then (mcgeorge toyota/scion richmond va) is about $150 or so for the part.. i've bought my wheel locks and cargo net from them, saved aout $30-35 from what my dealer wanted..

oh wheel locks.. definitely get these.. couple people have reported their wheels have been stolen.. i personally like the scion brand one.. made by mcgard locks, nice quality.. i think they were like $29 from mcgeorge, my dealer wanted like $40 or 49..

cargo net? 25.95 mcgeorgeparts.. dealer wanted $36.. but a cargo net? well that's a personal preference.. it's good for me, stops stuff from rolling around back there..
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Hahaha... I got a cargo net cause I always have little things to carry around. The only downside of the cargo net is that it makes it harder to put stuff behind the cargo net. I either have to unhook it or lift the top cover but that cover usually doesn't stay up so its a pain. I also ordered my strut bar from Mcgeorges, mudguards, door sills, wheel locks, etc... I'm not into major cosmetic changes but definitely love to refine my baby a bit..
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what to do first is a very good question. i'd say any changes that will protect your car, like the wheel locks or maybe an alarm.
tnx......for the advice....maybe ill go for the alarm......w/c is better scion brand or aftermarket alarms?......
I got the scion alarm but it does nothing... honestly... put your money into an aftermarket alarm.
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tnx imasaf....great the tc as of now...hopefully it would turn out to b a great car.....
Hey I'm a newbie too. I haven't gotten my tC yet, it's due in at the end of the week. Anyway, you can find all the accessories for the tC online at They have the prices listed for everything there. Just click on "tC" and then "accessories". There it lists all accessories in discrete categories with prices. Warning: they don't stock everything yet though. I have tried getting a couple things and they aren't actually manufacturing (at all, or not enough) some of the stuff. Have fun with your new car!!
Trinity...grats on getting your car!!!

Just a suggestion but, before you buy anything, be sure you check out McGeorges. You get the exact same parts but you'll generally save a good chunk of change!

Welcome to the site!!!
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welcome to the site guys, and I also agree that security should be the first priority, especially if you'll be doing other upgrades. Def get the wheel locks pronto, and visit your local best buy or auto shop for an aftermarket security system. From what i've read so far, viper is one of the best, and you'll be paying about the same for the crappy scion security system. Check my sig for what I'm gonna be adding on as time goes by.
Welcome everyone...
Like Loopy suggested... check out McGeorges first before you buy any accessories from the dealer. They are usually much cheaper. Check out my sig... the link is there.
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