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Stock tC 17" wheels w/ Tires

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$250 for the set or $75 each + shipping from 95222. Three of the four are in great shape. One of them my wife gave a little curb rash. Tires have 38K mi on them but still have good life on them. Tires rotated every 7K mi and have even wear. PM me for details...
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No takers??? So how bout $200 for the set or $60 ea plus shipping...anyone???
Sorry, not that desperate.
Alpman, honestly - stick them on ebay one at a time - you will sell them for at least $70-75/piece. With 38K on them nobody is going to want the tires, good tread or not, so dismounting the rubber might also help and will save a ton on shipping.
Alpman, are you still looking to sell these? How are they in the rash department? I got run off the road by a soccer mom in an excursion and curbed mine really bad.
i'll take em..where you located? whats shipping to 90805?
still have them?
i believe he sold them
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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