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stock subwoofer?

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Hello I was interested in buying the stock subwoofer to save space in my trunk. I was wondering if the $400 woofer had a built in amp or what it was powered by? I can't seem to find out much about it. Because if it just a regular woofer, for that price they can keep it.
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It is an amplified subwoofer, yes.
Yes it is a complete sub system with 10" woofer and amp, also comes with wiring harness, for direct plug into stock head unit, and great instructions. Also if interested get it from McGeorge Parts it is $274 installations is pretty straight foward just have to dismantle your interior
I love mine!!!!!
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I need someone in Sacramento to demo it for me. I'm very interested to see how it sounds.
Wolo I told you before I would demo it for you:) just buy the plane ticket to Miami!!!!!!!!!!!, jk start a tC cross country caravan... see you in a couple weeks!!! lol somebody please help out WOLO he is loaded for goodness sake
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I would like to thank everyone for responding you all have been a great help
I am definitely happy with mine. I got the 6-disc stereo and the sub and don't intend to upgrade it... ever

I don't need to shake the ground - just want my Billy Joel to sound full
The sub has a 100 watt amp.

I'm happy with ours, but I only want the bass to fill-in the lower octaves, not rattle my fillings loose. When bass is properly set-up, it doesn't bring attention to it'self, just adds more depth to the music.

When I bought my car, the sub adjustments were all out of whack. Way too much bass. After a couple days of fine tuning, I feel it suits my needs.

I suspect it may not be acceptable by the younger crowd. I recommend you demo one, if possible.
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