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Stock Head Unit and Aftermarket Subwoofer

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Is the stock head unit good enough to run a 380W sony amp powering a poineer premier 10" 400w sub.

It will have to be run off of the line level inputs cause the stock unit does not have and preamp outs

I also have a sony head unit with MP3 and preamp outs but i wanted to sell it for money.

What is your opinion on this issue, will it sound better with the stock HU or my Sony CDX-MP30

Thanks in Advance
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i am running a 500w mono amp to a 350w type r 12", stock deck off a converter and stock fronts. it works nicely. not as well as a full replacement, but it hits hard and deep. ( insert "greg's mom" comment here)

What's with the wise crack about my mom??? Leave her out of this. She never did anything to you, sep turn your ass down. Rejection's a bitch, but come on, be nice. HeHe. (Obviously an INSIDE joke between you and mori that I don't know about.)


Should work nicely, however you will prolly be lacking in the highs after you add that sub. Next step would be to add a nice four channel amp for the four corners.
different Greg

...and that Greg is... well... different
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I assumed so, Eric. Just havin fun w/ it.
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