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Stock 17" rim paint

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So yeah I curbed the stock 17" wheels.

Do anyone know any type of paint that would match the stock color? I want to sand it down, fill it with bondo, sand, and then paint the damaged spots over. If anyone knows a paint that matches the stock color or is a close match, please reply.

Thanks in advance,
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ouch man, well dont feel bad, i did it to my stock rims too
umm i dont think you an match it. its pollished aluminum alloy. you have to get it repolished.
I'm afraid it would be impossible to get it polished again since there irregularities from it making contact to the curb. The missing parts have to be filled with something and painted over like shown here: . If anyone knows a close matching paint, please reply.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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