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Originally posted by dnelas2@Aug 8 2005, 07:14 PM
Anyone have a stock stereo for an '06 TC with the Aux button?
Let me know if you're interested in selling it, I got the crappy '05 stock stereo w/out that option.

If you received an 05 headunit and you have an 06 tC you need to just take the car back to the dealership and tell them to take their heads out of their a$$es and give you the right headunit. No need to buy one, you did that when you bought the car.

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I sent an email to Scion regarding whether or not you were right, and this is what they responded with:

Thank you for contacting Scion.

We apologize for the confusion, the iPod connection is not a standard
feature, it is an accessory option. Unfortunately the iPod stereo is
only factory installed and can not be installed after purchased from the
dealer. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have put you in.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or
comments. We would be happy to assist you. You may contact us
directly at 1-866-70-SCION or by email at

You may also want to click on the following link for

Thank you for your interest in Scion.

Scion Customer Experience in conclusion I'm still on the look out for an '06 HU

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wait up! dont buy that stereo. If you bought a 06 car, you will have the aux connected headunit. There are 4 kinds of stereos you can get from the dealer.

For 05's you can get the non knob head unit or the 6 disc changer

For 06's you can get the standard head unit with knob or the ipod connected head unit. ipods can connect to the 06 head unit you just need a 5$ cable from radio shack.

If you bought a 06 model and got the 05 head unit, tell them to fix it.

That is not cool-dealers trying to dump their 05 head units on us. thats why its good to be in the know. Have fun with your tc!
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