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Start of Stereo is in!

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Well the stereo is started. Thanks for the advice i've been recieving from Alpman on the digital amp, and soundguy50 on any overheating issues.
I fabbed the factory brackets to work with the Xa/Xb kit so the door would shut, headunit is an Alpine CDA-9807.

Next for those that were looking for a way to run the power wire on the drivers side of the car you can see this grommet if you lay on your back and look up between the pedals. I ran both my security wires through here as well as a 4 AWG power wire. You can't see the grommet from the engine bay, so don't try.

Next I build a box out of 1/2" MDF to fit on the passenger side next to the spare tire. This houses a distribution block, stinger cooling fan, and a MRD-M605 amp to push my 10" Type R subwoofer. Take note of all the pics below.

and this is until the fiberglass box of Alpman starts production

Hope you like it!
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Also just had to throw in a pic of the car...

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Nice job!!! If you need any other help, just ask. Hopefully we'll get that box in there soon.
Looks good. Keep us updated.
great envious of ur trunk
i'll have even more room once i get that fiberglass box from alpman...muuhaahaaa
well i can make my license plate sound like a vibrator on a HA!!!!
please disregard my previous i spent the better part of the last minute trying to justify it, and i got
I can't help you out there man, but keeping trunk space was a big goal of mine, thats why i can't wait for the fiberglass enclosure, but this thing pounds pretty good for a 10". By the way, the fork in the hair.....i just don't understand
By the way, the fork in the hair.....i just don't understand[/b]
^ its more so just a sign of my personality, i like to screw around and have fun at any available moment....and this was me taking advantage of a moment at work....ill do anything to make a dull moment funny....or stupid
I guess thats allowed, when i get bored at work we come up with ways to sabotage other peoples desk/office/cube/ makes for a good time

My new personal favorite...
Someone goes on vacation, get grassseed in their keyboard, lightly "mist" water it daily, 4-5 days and you will have sprouting seeds
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yea i heard that set up was wicked, hows it sound, does the trunk rattle? and is just one sub enough
Well, i am an audio fiend and I think it sounds great. It compares to two 12" Infinity Kappa Perfects i used to have in my cadillac with 400 rms to each. It is plenty loud for normal driving, but not competition by any means. Even with the deepest southern rap it hits nice and loud. I need to replace the stock speakers still because I can only turn it up so loud with them, because they distort bad. However, if i turn off the interior speakers I can turn the subwoofer up plenty loud and it sounds great all the way through. Really no complaints, great setup for the money and retention of cargo space.

It rattles mildly, but nothing too bad, and not bad for zero dynamat, a little sound mat would take care of the rattle.
yeha if u put a little dynamat or something of the sort in there u will have such a clean sounding car, inside and out....if dynamat can stop almost all of my rattles, it could honestly do wonders for your setup
you work at best buy in the install bay~ (i can tell from that tiny ass pic yes! I used to be a tech

correct me if im way off ;x
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Originally posted by TBova@Jul 18 2005, 08:11 PM
you work at best buy in the install bay~ (i can tell from that tiny ass pic yes! I used to be a tech

correct me if im way off ;x
^ i think ur referring to me...

but actually i dont/havent work at a best buy, the installers at best buy around here are shady. i actually work at a blockbuster.....yay me.....its great for a full time student, i can get an 8 hour day on a shift that doesnt start til it for A FEW reasons
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