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Stalling problem!!

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Hey Guys,

I have been in hell the past 3 weeks. My 08 Scion tc (101K miles) has been stalling whenever i'm coming to stop (even on neutral).
I took it to 3 mechanics and the DEALERSHIP! and no one can figure out what's wrong. They have been throwing tests and parts on it. I can't afford anymore of this non sense and need someone's advice. If you guys can please help.

Tests done:
Vacuum Test
Smoke Test
Battery & Alternator Test

All good!

Services done:
New Spark Plugs
New PCV Valve
NEW Throttle body ($600 job) & gasket
Mass air flow sensor cleaned
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The last time I had an oil change, the battery connections were cleaned and tightened, and Toyota inspected my battery and alternator, which came back fine. Toyota also cleaned out my throttle body and maf and tested my fuel pump, which was found to be functioning properly.
Check your ECT, Engine Coolent Sensor... would just change it. Easy to replace. Car computer may not know cold temp to compensate RPM and Fuel/Air ratio.
Bad ignition coil wire plug connectors and connector housing to the coil. Same time replaced individual coils and spark plugs.
First I would not go back to the dealer if they said it was the clutch that causes this problem you're describing. The poster before is correct, do you have a check engine light on? If so, some auto parts stores do read the code for free. This will point you to the right the direction. If there is no erratic shaking or backfire at higher speed, you may have an air leak that will cause fluctuation of lower rpms even stalling. Check for disconnected or cracked hoses, or defective Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF).
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