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I hope that someone can come to my aid once again .... it seems that there are unknown stains now on my back seet.. i very confused on how they got there i rearly let anyone sit in the back, but for the life of me i cant think of what it could be looks like grease though.......I have had my car to the dealer alot.. so it could be anything is there any way to remove a stain from the seat, other than a professional job.....???
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Before someone tells you to do a search...
I think I read in a thread under the Interior forum about people giving steam cleaners a shot to clean their front seats. So that might be an option for ya.
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Thnks,.... I did do a search for stains and such.. I guess a pro at this forum thing would tell me to search but then Id tell them shut up im new......ahh well thanks again for your help
i would try a steam cleaner... and do the whole car while i was at it. good fun.

or maybe some laundry product, tide stain stick... don't know.

yeah, i would try the steam cleaner. usually, it is not too expensive to rent, or buy. AND it will make you car look brand new all over again.
Try holding a steaming iron over it?
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