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Stage 3 turbocharger scion tc up to 426 hp

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simply amazing best of 426.15 WHP
and 374.64 FT/LB of torque @ approx. 17-18psi of boost pressure on 103 octane VP unleaded fuel. This equates to approximately 491HP and 428 ft/lb @ the flywheel.
The upgrades include larger 3" downpipe, larger GT3540R ballbearing turbocharger, larger RC engineering injectors and new map.
12.5sec ¼ mile record, @ 120 mph
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Not impossible, just not fun. Too much focus required to pay attention to boost, rpm, throttle position, and traction. If you make a mistake, the car can really get away from you fast.

That's why these are generally better for racing. You are in a controlled environment and the variables are fewer. I'm not saying you couldn't street drive it, you could. It just wouldn't be especially friendly for doing everyday stuff. It will undoubtedly run like a scalded ape when you want it to, but don't let it catch you not paying attention...
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Sep 1 2005, 03:38 PM
Not only that, but did you notice how it builds boost? Very suddenly? I bet it picks up about 200 hp over 600 rpm when the boost hits.
Should be sudden enough for him to reconsider the logic of this whole thing.

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another problem using the stock engine would be the floating cylinder walls...

with that amount of power and pressure, you would definately need to sleeve the cylinders, thus causing a remap of the coolant system which in turn will void the factory warranty (as if the service ppl wouldnt notice the huge turbo sitting behind the radiator)
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Sep 1 2005, 10:27 AM
It looks like 2 fast 4u has a wish list, not a mod list. I don't even see the billet grille in the picture.
neither is the Ground Effects Kit or the Window tint
When does this come out? I would love to smoke new Mustang GT's and GTO's.
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