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Pharoh---I've been dealing (and posting) with this problem for a LONG time. I've had it to the dealership NUMEROUS times, and everytime, they are not able to pinpoint where this squeak is originating. While it doesn't seem to be related to any mechanical problem...Mine is VERY loud and annoying, and can be heard clearly from outside the car, so its quite embarrassing as well!

The only way WE are ever going to have this "defect" fixed is if we all Really complain to scion. But if everyone just "lives with it" then it decreases the priority for scion and we'll likely have to live with it for ever.

I've had my bushings and clutch rod lubed at least 3x and has just been a waste of my time. This is really the LAST "tick" that I'm totally fixated on getting rid of. It sounds horrible
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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