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Squeaky Clutch

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Hey guys, Im new to the site. I drive a 2005 flint mica tc and i will post up some pictures up pretty soon. I have a problem. As i push on the clutch its squeaks. Do anyone else have that problem, how can i fix it and how much would it cost me to get it fix at the dealer?
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I have this same problem, but so far, no solution (sorry!).

you sure your feet aren't wet?

j/k but really are you talking about interior noise cause sometimes by brake pedal creaks but other than that my clutch on my honda used to squeak now and then but that was normal
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Mine did that too for the first couple of months, but it eventually went away.
mine showed up about 4 months ago and hasnt gone away yet
Mine does that allll the time. I should have the dealer look at it, but it prolly wont be worth the wasted time sitting there waiting.
your probably talking about the pedal squeaking...try WD40.
Mine does it too...don't know for how long because I listen to my music in the car so loud that i can't hear anything, but yeah...i'm gonna WD40 that [email protected]'t see it being much more than that.
yes i have that damn noise. but never really noticed it until i stoped blasting the music in the car n actually herd the noise for the first time
Something similar happens with mine but it makes like a scraing sound from inside the clutch as soon as you let got of the clutch for the first time in first gear. At first it was pretty loud but after a while i has quited down. I did take the tc to the dealership but the incompentent mechanics over there said nothing is wrong that they dont hear anything. I dont knwo but in my opinion it is not normal but anyways, is the noise that you hear from you cluth like a spring scraping against some other surface. Because that same thing happend to my friends tc and they had to adjsut the at the end of the cluth pedal. Dont know if it helps
WD40 will only lubricate for a few days.

Anyway, my clutch squeaks, creaks, and generally just annoys me.
white lithium grease will fix it...and it will last a long time
^^^ much better solution than WD40. its great for loosening crap on stuck bolts and nuts, but as a long term lubricant, well, it just isnt.
Well I took mine in today, and supposedly, they lubed the bushings, and yet 5 minutes after leaving the dealership, the noise came back. Meh...
Pharoh---I've been dealing (and posting) with this problem for a LONG time. I've had it to the dealership NUMEROUS times, and everytime, they are not able to pinpoint where this squeak is originating. While it doesn't seem to be related to any mechanical problem...Mine is VERY loud and annoying, and can be heard clearly from outside the car, so its quite embarrassing as well!

The only way WE are ever going to have this "defect" fixed is if we all Really complain to scion. But if everyone just "lives with it" then it decreases the priority for scion and we'll likely have to live with it for ever.

I've had my bushings and clutch rod lubed at least 3x and has just been a waste of my time. This is really the LAST "tick" that I'm totally fixated on getting rid of. It sounds horrible
I used white lithium grease, not the spray type, use a brush to apply and lube the spring, and bushing, push pedal in and out and repeat till sqeak is gone, very sucessful did it about 1 1/2 years ago and sqeak never returned
I noticed this squeak was quite bad today on my way to work. Usually I'm listening to music, but I was listening to the end of the Super Bowl today, so it was much more quiet in my car today. Now I have to go get some white lithium (I had a can, but can't seem to track it down.)
The local elecronics shop will have it...the stuff I used is called Lubriplate. Works awesome.
The squeak I have *sounds* like it's coming from the pedal, but it's not. It's either a fork, or a cylinder, so the dealership is dropping the transmission this week (If I can get the squeak to come back, because it disappeared 2 days ago - after at least 6 months of daily squeaking).
Ok, so this post is ancient, but i figured out how to fix some of the clutch squeak. My tC started squeaking about a month ago, and after a Whole lotta DIY trial and error, I realized the squeaking was actually coming from the slave cylinder.

all i did was pull back on the rubber around it, and rub a whole bunch of Bearing grease on the rod. Make sure you pump the clutch so you get the grease on both sides though!
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