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Tanabe NF210; Drop: 1.1"F/1.7"R; Rates: 3.0kg/mm F, 4.1kg/mm R

Tanabe DF210; Drop: 1.7"F/2.2"R; Rates: 3.4kg/mm F, 4.3kg/mm R

TRD springs; Drop: 1.25"F/1.25"R; Rates: 3.1kg/mm F, 5.6kg/mm R

Now that's what I found online while researching my spring purchase-- I converted the TRD rates from the listed NM, so I may be off by a slight bit. I'm still trying to locate Eibach-- their site is less than helpful. I didn't list Tein because their site is quite helpful.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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