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Special Tint

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Wich of these images do you think looks ok. I want to get a TRD logo on the wind Deflector of my TC but Im having Second thoughts. I want to get peoples opinions on what to do. I want something more than just a sticker. To have it tinted into the glass would be cool and diffrent. I just don't want it to look to ricey. I don't want to ruin my new car because I thought it would look cool. I don't want to make everyone on the boards laugh at me because I was the first person to Rice thier TC.

Give me an honest Opinion.

Top is supposed to be Red with black and silver background.
Bottom is supposed to be silver and black

( Sorry for Posting the big pics First Time)
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hey man whats up, umm tinting letters might be a lil expensive, + you have to consider how itll look when the wind defelctor is down, otherwise i think its alright, but wouldnt do it myself, its a bit much, but if you like it do it =)

oh ps. you might want to try it with stickers first, so if you dont like it, you can just remove it
I'm sure you could get a local sign or banner place that could do it w/ a semi-transparent vinyl...
I thought of adding decals to the top but it would cost alot aswell. They qouted me around $80-100 for the sign. I am getting the tinting done for $150. The place is called Exotic Window Tinting. This guy drives this nice XB with fully custimezed tint job. He is doing all of the artwork,Materials, and the labor for 150.
hey this is somewhat off topic but you know for tint they basically use water to cover your windows to apply the tint and if they dont do it right they will mess up your interior. Especially since your doing it on the wind deflector so there is a high possibility they will get water over your interior. Be Careful you dont want a F*&%ed interior. If theyre reliable and do a great job pm me i want to get tint on my car but am afraid to have some of these places do it and screw my interior up.
I think a dark color would be subtle and nice. Bright colors usually are associated with rice.. so I would stay away from those.

Silver, Transparent, Dark Blue are a few I can guess.
Yep I agree with Silver...if you want to do it..go for it...

Just use colors that won't blind people. Hehe.
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I'd make them smaller, but I like the concept. Is it going to go on the top side or bottom of the glass? If it goes on top, it will fade and suffer some deterioration...if it goes under, the glass is tinted...
interesting idea.......not sure if I would do it to my car or not, but if we were all the same then the world would be oh-so-boring
. -T
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my question to you is, are you adding a lot of TRD mods to your car? B/c if you're not, then that would be ricey imo. If you actually have the mods to support the decal/sticker/custom tint, then I say you should go for it, and make your tc stand out. Also I believe that subtlety's the best policy, so I agree with the previous posts about not making it too bright. I like the first, red option best though. It would be interesting to see how it turns out.
Thanks. I will put the tint on the outside of the glass. They guys at the tint shop said that they have to put a special coat on the top so that it would not come of and fade. Plus the tint has a lifetime warranty. (johnson brand tint).

To answear the question about the parts I have the TRD exhaust on it now and I will be adding alot more things when I could afford them.
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