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Special Suspension Package Sale!

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It's time for a Supsension Special for the tC forum members. We are offering a package deal of tC TRD Shocks, Sway Bar, Lowering Springs, and free shipping in the 48 states for $479.00 while supplies last. Look for the blue 'click for specials'

Check out the new lower prices on the individual parts at

Thanks for all of the great support.

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Let me say that again: Where have you been 3 months ago when I dumped $500+ on springs, sway and strut bar?
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Originally posted by zoltiz@Nov 3 2004, 07:16 AM
Let me say that again: Where have you been 3 months ago when I dumped $500+ on springs, sway and strut bar?
So sorry! You're just a little too quick.
see.. i would jump at this chance.. but the only thing i could install would probably be the sway bar.. the other two.. i'd have to get it done by a pro or at the dealer... (T_T) and that would cost an arm and a leg...
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yah, thats whats making me think about this as well, i really want this, but my mom is sort of holding me back saying its a waste, and the install would be a biznatch, but i really want to jump on this
If I didn't have my springs installed already, I would jump on this one. Good job Ken.
Ken is the man!
Just got done installing the TRD suspension bits: Shocks, springs and rear bar.
Great price from Ken: 479.00 shipped.
Although I've only driven the car a few miles since the install all impressions are positive: the car is lower (looks way better), less roll, quicker turn-in and the ride over the same bumps I drive thru everyday seems to be nearly as good.
Over the weekend I plan to really have a good go, by then the suspension should have set and I'll let you know how it went. So far, so good.
Now that I've had the chance to drive the car for a few days over different roads and speeds, I can say that the TRD kit is a huge improvement over stock. Much more responsive than stock, off-ramps and on-ramps are now great fun. To me the ride is only slightly stiffer but still very comfortable, I've always liked my cars tight and stiff so a small penalty in ride quality would have been OK with me, no penalty I can attest to in this case. I highly recommend it especially if you can get all the bits at a good price.
Next on the agenda are a TRD exhaust(in the garage already), high-flow air filter and possibly a rear lip or spoiler.
Agh... hey Ken. I ordered from you yesterday (had the problems with the credit card company not accepting the address) and I was wondering if I could get the $20 rebate?
If not that's perfectly fine hehe

Do you guys hear anything as far as what TRD is currently making?
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