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Speaker wire color does not match , amp stays on

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When I was hooking everything up, I noticed that there was no red or black wire in my harnes from the radio. SO I decided to use the front speakers. My amp also stays on when I turn off my radio. I used the unused slot in the harness as my remote on connection. Just to make sure, all of the speakers wires are on the same cube right. Cause there are two cubes, one is small, the other one is bigger plus the antenna input. PLease advise.
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PDF required.

Toyota Wiring Harness Guide.

I'll refrain from commenting upon just tapping blindly into harness positions.
Who doesn't have InstallDr bookmarked, anyway?
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that color wiring is incorrect.
can't be cause its what I used and my whole system works just fine

also could be a blue wire, if you are looking for remote turn on and off
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