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Soo manyhaters...

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this morning (friday) i came out of my apartment to go pick up my gf from class and i see my car keyed!! 6 inches long and its deep. Man what the hell, some people have stupid affinities to scion. WTF and then I park my car near the bus stop and when i come back from class there's a red scratch. OMG i'm gonna go crazy. Is there a car cover for the tC yet? cause i'm ready to buy one.
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damn....sorry to hear that
ouchie... i'd definitely kill some people....
That's horrible. I'm always afraid I'm going to come out to find a huge scratch from some jealous #######. I'm really sorry...
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the thing with a carcover is, if ppl know what ur car is, i doubt itll stop them?, is there anyway you can park ur car like near a light or in a garage?
You can get a lock for the car cover. It still wouldn't stop them, per se, but its a deterrent.
true true, thanks for your opinions!!
Yup it sucks. I had the same thing happen at the local Walmart. Luckily it wasn't too deep and I was able to buff it out.
what did u use to buff it out? or will that worsen my scratch?
i also just found a scratch about 2.5 inches long but not deep THANK GOD!.. u can only notice it if you're lookin at it from an angle and not straight on which is a good thing. i'm hoping to be able to buff it out later with zaino..
Originally posted by phungy@Oct 10 2004, 08:13 PM
what did u use to buff it out? or will that worsen my scratch?
No I don't think that buffing will worsen the scratch but it's kinda hard to say what you need to do without seeing the scratch. If it's past the paint and you can see primer or metal then buffing will not help.

I used Meguiar's DACP (dual action cleaner/polish) with an orbital buffer. It took all of five minutes and the scratch was completely gone.

moogoo- If you are talking about Z-5, I believe it only hides scratches,swirls, etc. and doesn't remove them. I don't think that it contains any abbrasives.
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cool thanks
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