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sold my TC and got a....

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Heres some pics of the TC...

I loved the car but the g35 is the car Ive wanted for a long time. One thing that sucked about the TC is that there wasnt as many aftermarket parts as there are for the g35 since its been out for a while.
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Originally posted by lo bux racer@Jul 14 2005, 08:38 PM
I can afford one. I don't want one. Thanks anyway.
People who already own supras are excluded...sorry
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I'm totally jealous. I would also trade the tC in a heartbeat for the car, and yeah, the g35 doesnt even need mods, it's so nice the way it is. Why didn't you get it as a stick though?
Im not flaming, just saying, yeah if I could afford a Ferrari, I'd buy that in a heartbeat as well, but I can't so I'm not gonna tell all you tc owners in a tc forum that I just got rid of my tc for one. My point is just this: G35=luxury car....TC=cheap, younger buyer sport compact. There is really no fair comparison. I like the G and the Z, but I wouldn't buy one, and not only because I'm not rich, they're too expensive!
In case that didn't go thru Im not flaming, just saying the cars are not comparable. G35=luxury car, TC=cheap sport compact. See what I'm saying. Its not just the money thing. I like the G and the Z as well, but they're too much money and they're not gonna fly you to the moon or anything. My point is, this is a tc forum, we want to hear and talk about the tc, not here how great your g35 is. If I went out and bought a ferrari, which i've always loved, I wouldn't come on here and tell everyone how much better it is than there tc. No hard feelings, just explaining my previous posts. But like I said, I like the g35 too, its just more of an upscale car. The TC is in a class with civics, mazda 3's and 6's, lancers and eclipses, and that kinda stuff. But good luck with it!
Well, just to keep the thread alive, I'll add my $0.02. I thought about getting one right before my tC when the lease rates went waaaay down. Even though I would never lease, it made the whole proposition really interesting. AAR, to make a long story short, the more I considered it, the more g35s I saw. Seems like everyone and their mother, and brother, and sister had one. Nice car, but when I had my j30 years ago, they were unique. Not so with the g35s.

Cool car -- enjoy it in good health!
Awesome trade man, that is the car I want as soon as i graduate college... then i'll be trading my tC. That's actually why i chose the tC cause it kinda reminds me of the g35 in some ways... esp when its lowered. Good luck with the new car!
Well i can afford the G35 and even higher priced cars but i didn't buy one. I bought an 06 scion TC becasue of its uniqueness and quality. If i wanted to, I could of bought a G35, Evo VIII, WRX STI, 350Z, or any other nice luxury sports car but i didn't. I chose to get a unique car that not everyone has and that i could dump more money into to customize and be mine personally. Money was no problem in my situation, but i bought the tc because its a great car. It always get the looks. Buying a car for speed now is over. There is someone out there within blocks of you that probably has a faster car then you and can beat you. Racing now a days is over-rated. You are never the best. Someobe out there has a better car then you and someone else has one faster than his. If i wanted to race, i'd invest in a Ferrari Enzo, Chrysler ME412, Viper SRT10, Porshe, or Lamborgini Diablo and then add a sick turbo. Then i would be the fastest car in my area. I also got the TC because everyone in my area has a G35, RSX, WRX, SUPRA, SRT-4, and more. If i wanted to beat them, i would buy an expensive $1,000,000 car. But i didn't. I didn't care about having the best car. I just wanted a car that i could personalize and that no one else could copy.
Anyway, congrats on your G35. It is a Great car and was your choice to purchase. If you like a car and its your dream, then buy it. Good luck with your new baby and don't listen to people who are jealous. Pz out man
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woah some people arent taking their blood pressure meds
Originally posted by GA tC@Jul 16 2005, 10:06 PM
...the more I considered it, the more g35s I saw. Seems like everyone and their mother, and brother, and sister had one.
It does seem like just about every G35 I see is driven by a middle-aged woman...
kind of my point, or yuppy dads going thru a mid life crisis
Can't argue with their exhaust note though. Dayum...
you lucky ######! haha. i would get a 350z, but i dont feel like shelling out $900/month for payments/insurance/gas, even if i can afford it.
I'm gonna get a Ferrari, Lambo, Mercedes AMG, M3, a lotus, bentley...anymore suggestions??? ANyone? I figure, why not? I'M LOADED! Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah. j/k. totally satisfied with my tc. Thats why I bought it. I didn't just buy it because its the hottest new car on the market and then get bored with it after a few some people. Ehm, ehm.
What wheels were on your TC? They look nice.
The 350z looks way better and cheaper. I can't afford either of the two. The 350z is definitely my next car after I graduate from college and then after I get a stable income. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a new TC off the income of a college student.
Originally posted by jickybob@Jul 12 2005, 12:08 PM
Lets see which one will last longer though...  A Toyota (Scion) or a Nissan (infiniti)???  I know the answer but do u?  Good call ace
I disagree!
I used to have 1998 Nissan Maxima with 275,000 miles on it!!!!! I loved that car!!! It was REALLY FAST!!!! then I got 2000 Maxima and I sold it when it had 150,000 on it!! ( NO MAJOR PROBLEMS!!!)

Nice ride!!! Good Luck with it!!!!
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Nissan's reliability ratings have declined in recent years, but the company still has a good reputation for reliability.

Side note -- how the hell did you put 275,000 miles on a car in 2 years?
haha no kidding, was this the first nissan to orbit the earth
Originally posted by basilisk4@Nov 15 2005, 09:57 PM
Nissan's reliability ratings have declined in recent years, but the company still has a good reputation for reliability.

Side note -- how the hell did you put 275,000 miles on a car in 2 years?
I bought it in 2001 with 120,000 on it and sold it in 2003 with 275,000 on it! I had a nice job!! NY-->NJ-->PA-->NY 5 days a week!!!!
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