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sold my TC and got a....

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Heres some pics of the TC...

I loved the car but the g35 is the car Ive wanted for a long time. One thing that sucked about the TC is that there wasnt as many aftermarket parts as there are for the g35 since its been out for a while.
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Hey there, not to burst you bubble, although it does seem like your bragging a bit anyway, but I'm not envious at all. This is a TC forum, everyone is here because they like the car and/or own it. Most people didn't buy the TC for its performance capabilities or its aftermarket parts...they bought it because its a nice, affordable compact with plenty of standard features, and its made by Toyota. First of all, theres no comparison between a TC and an Infiniti!!!! Its a luxary car! Not a moderately priced compact!! I'm damn glad I spent half as much on my car as you did on yours, they both get from point A to B and I still have 10 g's leftover! Maybe if I was rich and spoiled I'd buy an Infiniti too...but dont flame on people for buying an economic and affordable nice car, maybe you just couldn't get the hang of driving it??? But unlike yuppie car owners who buy a new luxury car every year, TC owners are generally younger buyers with less money looking for a good deal for the money, not rich luxury car buyers. No one ever said the TC is better than the G35, definitely more economic though. And plus 350s and g35s are ALL OVER THE ROAD-so played out man. And besides...Toyota kicks Nissan a$$
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Im not flaming, just saying, yeah if I could afford a Ferrari, I'd buy that in a heartbeat as well, but I can't so I'm not gonna tell all you tc owners in a tc forum that I just got rid of my tc for one. My point is just this: G35=luxury car....TC=cheap, younger buyer sport compact. There is really no fair comparison. I like the G and the Z, but I wouldn't buy one, and not only because I'm not rich, they're too expensive!
In case that didn't go thru Im not flaming, just saying the cars are not comparable. G35=luxury car, TC=cheap sport compact. See what I'm saying. Its not just the money thing. I like the G and the Z as well, but they're too much money and they're not gonna fly you to the moon or anything. My point is, this is a tc forum, we want to hear and talk about the tc, not here how great your g35 is. If I went out and bought a ferrari, which i've always loved, I wouldn't come on here and tell everyone how much better it is than there tc. No hard feelings, just explaining my previous posts. But like I said, I like the g35 too, its just more of an upscale car. The TC is in a class with civics, mazda 3's and 6's, lancers and eclipses, and that kinda stuff. But good luck with it!
kind of my point, or yuppy dads going thru a mid life crisis
I'm gonna get a Ferrari, Lambo, Mercedes AMG, M3, a lotus, bentley...anymore suggestions??? ANyone? I figure, why not? I'M LOADED! Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah. j/k. totally satisfied with my tc. Thats why I bought it. I didn't just buy it because its the hottest new car on the market and then get bored with it after a few some people. Ehm, ehm.
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