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sold my TC and got a....

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Heres some pics of the TC...

I loved the car but the g35 is the car Ive wanted for a long time. One thing that sucked about the TC is that there wasnt as many aftermarket parts as there are for the g35 since its been out for a while.
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Well, just to keep the thread alive, I'll add my $0.02. I thought about getting one right before my tC when the lease rates went waaaay down. Even though I would never lease, it made the whole proposition really interesting. AAR, to make a long story short, the more I considered it, the more g35s I saw. Seems like everyone and their mother, and brother, and sister had one. Nice car, but when I had my j30 years ago, they were unique. Not so with the g35s.

Cool car -- enjoy it in good health!
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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