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sold my TC and got a....

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Heres some pics of the TC...

I loved the car but the g35 is the car Ive wanted for a long time. One thing that sucked about the TC is that there wasnt as many aftermarket parts as there are for the g35 since its been out for a while.
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I love my tC, but.. I have to say, "Congratulations!"
I'd make that trade in a SECOND.. if I had the $$!!

Lets see which one will last longer though... A Toyota (Scion) or a Nissan (infiniti)??? I know the answer but do u? Good call ace
Nissan over the last ten years has become a excellent quailty choice for imports. My wife can't makeup her mind between a 350z and a g35 sport coupe. Hope you enjoy your ride, I know it will last as long as you don't drive like you stole it.
I don't much care for the G35, but I know I am starkly in the minority here. In any event, congrats and good luck with the new car!
g35 and 350z are the same car basically, only major differences is luxury, the g35 is a bit more confortable. You cant go wrong with either of those cars. they were the cars i was looking at along with the tC when i was shopping for mine and went tC mainly for cost, insurance, and future maintenance upkeep cost purposes.
great choice, my sis has one. they are one fast car.
g35 is one of my fave cars nice! also i like how when you look at the the name of the thread, it goes ... and doesn't let you know what car it is until- surprise a g35 coupe. good call.
O So Sexy.....keep her clean! Great choice.
I am quite envious. That was the car I'd always wanted but it was just out of my budget so i went with the tC. LMK if you ever wanna trade back for another tC
I'm w/ marty... i'm not a huge fan of the g35.

But congrats on the purchase! Hope you enjoy it!
Beautiful car. I love the G35, very quick car, and the new standard tranny is outstanding. Great choice. Enjoy!
Congrats. But i gotta be a hater and tell you that the 350 is way cooler. Have fun with that gorgeous sounding V6.
congrats! i love the g35. i would trade my tc for one of those in a heart beat...if i could afford it
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Nice ride, but I'll keep my Dawg thanks. I have to admit, Nissan did step up to the plate. I wish Toyota would do the same.
nice ride as the rear wheel drive action. me personally i couldnt part with over 30gs for a car, as an entusiast there are too many options for less, including new stangs which i enjoy. cant beat the g35 for the luxury and looks factor, but didnt drive up to my expectations.
i gotta admit i was thinking about the g35 my whole senior yr, i absolutely love the car, but too much money for me. my friend was getting a tC and told me about it, and now we're getting like 4 tCs touching port this friday. i'm gonna absolutely love the car, i can't wait. if i was to switch my tC and could afford the g35 that would b my choice.
Thanx for all the compliments, I love the new car but miss the uniqueness of the TC. I rarely saw them around here and if I did they were stock so mine usually stuck out, plus I miss the tv/dvd player. Ive noticed that there are a lot of G's around though, but I still get the looks. Another thing that sucks is I dont have as much money to modify now plus most of the parts are really expensive. The catback exhaust for this car is around 1000 dollars!! However, stock it has mostly everything I want.. speed, good looks and 19 inch rims, rwd, decent sounding sound system, and luxury. Plus the stock exhaust sounds AMAZING. BTW, whoever said that Infinitis arent as reliable as Scions is very ignorant.

For the people saying infinity isn't reliable, scroll down to the graph -
I'm not saying that Infinitis aren't reliable, but I don't believe that Nissan/Infiniti has reached the level of reliability that Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura have. First of all, J.D. Power is hardly the only arbiter of reliability, and even they show that Nissans are much less reliable than the others.

Also, since someone brought up the J.D Power rankings, let me mention this: their "long-term" reliability ratings are based on the number of "problems" in three-year-old cars. I am not particularly convinced that how well a car holds up for three years is highly predictive of its long-term reliability. Just as importantly, how useful are these rankings if they don't discriminate between different types of problems based on severity? For example, BMW's rating is not much worse than Toyota's...but if 60% of the "problems" with BMWs are serious engine problems, and 60% of the Toyota "problems" are, say, hatch rattles, it's obvious that J.D. Power's "long-term reliability ratings" don't mean much.

Just my two cents on the subject. Sorry for the hijack.
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