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so its broken in....

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ok so i now have about 750 miles on my car and i dont accelerate fast, dont accelerate slow, or drive it hard. i usually let my car warm up before driving it but i recently read in the manual that you shouldnt let your car warm up? you should drive it to warm it up? i have always let my cars warm up and i thought it was good for it...

the initial break in for our cars is 1000k miles but have you taken that further? or were you the person that drove 100mph the day you got it? what say?
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1k sounds good, before my shift points would redline..

About warming up your car.. eh.. As long as your "nice" to your car while it's warming up, there really isn't a need to I don't think. If you stomp on it while it's cold... BAD IDEA.
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i waited 1000 miles... and i dont drive my car hard for the first 2 miles....
when i first got my car, i didnt drive over 45 for the first 20 miles..didnt actually start pushing it hard until 1200..

as for warming up ur car, drive it real nice and smooth, no extreme driving..after the first 1-2 miles youll see that it idles right it should
I have a specific procedure I use. Yes, I was going over 100 with less than 50 miles on the odometer, but not without doing what I know to be good for the engine. In reality, break-in only takes about 30 minutes or so. And I've been doing this for many, many years with consistent results.
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