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so i got paid by honda to talk about my scion

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so yeah, this market research class at my school, CSU East Bay, was paid by honda to do a focus group of 12 scion owners, a mix of race and gender. I basically answered a bunch of questions about why i bought my tc, how i like it, why i like it, etc. Obviously honda is scared and trying to compete. just wanted to let u guys know. at least the new civics are kinda cool.

oh, and i got $15 and free food for about 45 minutes of questions. yay!
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thats cool. i had a guy in contact with me about doing a project for college, and was looking to interview scion owners. i think he realized i didnt fit his demographic at my age, so he stopped contacting me. oh well. i was ready to answer questions as an owner and a dealer. i think it would have been good for his project.
honda should be scared.
I'm available M-F after 5 pm for any interviewers... LOL
bleh, i'd still rather do a focus group for say... crown royal... or maybe jose cuervo? haha, by the end, i bet everyone gives everything thumbs up
Honda should be scared? What's the point.

Heck, the size Honda is compared to Toyota, there is really not much reason to be "scared." Toyota is the largest auto maker in the world (well, maybe GM still holds a bit of light against Toyota, but not for long). If Toyota is doing market research (and I bet they had done a lot to make the Scion line), will you say Toyota is scared? No, it's common practice.

Market research had been done all the time by Honda, Toyota, Nissan and what have you, to find out why people are buying this particular product, and not theirs, or vise versa.
shifter, what you say is correct, but I think that when the person said "Honda should be scared," I think he was referring to the market share that Toyota is taking (and likely to continue to take) with the tC.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Nov 27 2005, 12:31 PM
I think he was referring to the market share that Toyota is taking (and likely to continue to take) with the tC.
Yup. Toyota is doing VERY well, although they do suffer some growing pains because of the recent rapid and aggressive growth, but overall, I rather have it as the number one car maker than to have GM spreading unreliable crap all over the globe:

Toyota is poised to overtake GM, but here's the scariest part: Now it's stepping on the gas.
Honda seemed to have lost a bit of steam when it came to the late model Civics. These new ones seem to be boosting them in the direction they want to take. It seems that they may have learned something from Toyota.
they haven't changed the look of the civic in so long.. 4 or 5 years.. its a good change they made..
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