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so effing happy!

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new to the site and i finally got my tC!! i love it to death

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Congratulations, nice color!
Dang...look at the shine, nice! Congrats!

I don't really like the dealer plate on the front
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Congrats. I was effing happy too when I picked up my car. You definitely got the rare color. Take care of it!
Congrats, I love that color! It seems as if several people have gotten that color recently.
nice choice on your ride. enjoy the hell out of it, i know we all do. and, welcome to our site.
wow that looks nice. congratrulations on getting a high performance machine.try to stay outta trouble
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Congrats. Out of curiosity, what are those boxes on the windows?
Very nice! That was the color i originally wanted.. But i went with bsp.. hehe.

Enjoy it
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Originally posted by Jonno323@Aug 18 2005, 03:56 PM
Congrats. Out of curiosity, what are those boxes on the windows?
I think its what they put the keys in while they are on the lot... so when they go to test drive they just open it.
yes that is the box they put the valet key in so you can test drive it. that of not me in the picture. thats the salesman that offered no help whatsoever. thanks for the comments i love my car!! i love the color so much.
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