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Snow Tires/Rims?

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Hey im trying to buy snow tires and new set of rims...any advice?
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In other words, please do a search first next time. Thanks.
Rim question:

If I were to get some 16" snow tires, because 17" are nearly impossible to find, what rims should I get? I went to the Auto Parts/Junkyard(this is a really nice junkyard though) and asked about 16" and they said there was nothing they could do because of clearing the calipers and all that. You guys know alot more about cars than I, so what rims should I be looking for that would work with the Scion? Specific types or cars would be great. Thanks guys!!!
16's will clear the stock brake calipers. Even 15's will. You just need rims that are 5x100 lug pattern.
As an addition to my previous post, if I can find 17" tires, would 205 or 225 work on these rims? Would 50 or 55 still fit? Thanks guys, I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes tires. Obviously.
go to enter your car information and you'll figure it out. I have 16" steelies with 195/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzaks. They RAWK!!!!

Also there are a few other threads on this topic in this section. Post replies there.
Good lord man, please search before posting this. 17" are just as easy to find as 16". Check out this thread already started:
After calling every tire place in the area, only one had 17" snow tires, and that was going to cost $820+ for all 4. I'm just trying to find a cheap way out.
2 things we said: Search, and
I paid 650 installed for 17" Bridgestone Blizzaks at my local Tire Plus, a national chain!
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