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Snow chains?

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I was told at the dealership not to use metal chains on the wheels because it'll ruin it. However, I looked in the manual and it seems to be regular chains. I am planning a snowboarding trip and this is confusing me quite bad.
Please help! I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
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Bah. Who needs chains.
I'm driving up to Lake Tahoe.. that's going to be up the mountains with lots of chances of icy roads
Do you really don't need chains on the standard tC wheels? I searched the forums here and I see several topics about snow tires and none on the chains. Is it recommended to use snow tires instead of chains? I just thought the chains are easier to get/install than brand new set of snow tires. That's why I asked...
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It is possible for the chain to damage the rim a little, if they are not mounted correctly. If you are concerned get the cable type. that should be more than enough to get you to the slopes.
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