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Sirius Radio Song Title Scroll

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Is it possible to get the song name/artist to scroll within the LCD using the Sirius addon for the scion tC? I believe holding down the text button for the CD-Text works for a CD, but holding it down in SAT mode doesn't appear to do anything.
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really? holding down the text button does that?

i have not seen sirius or XM on a stock system. so, i don't know. I think i should get to reading a little more about the stock system.
Can you post a picture of your Sirus...I want to see where it is mounted. Thank you!
moriarty: Holding down the text button with cd-text will page over the text to the next screen.

Corrine: I got the factory parts, but did the aftermarket install. The antenna is supposed to be behind the rear view mirror.
looks a bit odd placed there, but if your happy and saved $$$$ thats all that matters.
I wasn't too happy when I saw the placement. I figure I can probably tweak the placement when I need to get a new windshield.

The parts + install was almost half the price what scion was charging.

Does anyone know about the text scrolling though?
At least with '05 HUs there is no scrolling in SAT mode (you don't even see the little triangle at the end of the title that indicates long name).

I had XM for almost a year - it does not scroll, and I'm pretty sure it's the same with Sirius.
ah, that is a bummer. Thanks for the info.
Thank trolocsis for the picture. I actually got my Sirius installed today...Longo Scion hosted Scion Sensations and we all got a free Sirius unit and subscription if we had our stock head unit still...They placed mine close to where they placed yours, but it was acutally closer to the rear-view mirror. Its nice having it up there and not on the dash where people can see it!
When I had factory XM in mine (actually the kit was from an xB), I did not want the antenna to show, so I put it on top of the center AC vent under the dash - reception was as good as on top of the rear fender (standard stock XM antenna placement).

Just a thought - judging by your antenna location there should be plenty of wiring to reach the vent.
Anyone solve this question at hand yet? I am contemplating tossing my factory Sirius and getting an aftermarket receiver. This issue is one of a few reasons. If there is a solution I am missing, I may reconsider!
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