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Siped my Tires

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I had Les Schwab sipe my tires yesterday. I had definitely better grip on the wet road this a.m. Anyone else considering this? (They take the tires off and cut groves all around the edges of the tires)

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What did it cost?

(Hardly rains enough in Sacto for any tread mods...)
I had them do it to the tires on my Celica, but since they were new tires, I had nothing to compare it to
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It was $52.00 for the four tires. It normally rains like hades in Sacramento in Jan- Feb, but the roads are flat unlke the curving up and downs up higher in the Motherlode.

I know Sactown winters, even in wet years the number of rain days is pretty small.

I also know the Motherlode well. I used to ride my motorcycles up Salmon Falls to Pilot Hill and down into the canyon, up through Forest Hill (before they #$%@$# straightened the road) out to French Meadows reservoir on Mosquito Ridge Road on many a summer Sunday with a few friends. Or Georgetown and Chili Bar on 193, or Ione and Jackson on 49 and 88 to the high country, or 49 through Grass Valley and Downieville or...

Lots of good drives through there, know it very well.

Back to the sipes, was there any discussion about derating the speed from Z to H, or the possibilty of the tread chunking at high speed/high termperature, or was this primarily about wet traction without regard for other possibilities?
Hmm not sure about lowering the speed rating however the tread is so smooth compared with a 4x4 tire I doubt that will be a problem.

Check all the forums, the Potenzas are rated as junk in wet conditions. I definitely noticed superior traction in todays rainstorm.

I would never buy Bridgestone tires, I'll go for Pirelli or Yokohama.

I've got Bridgestone RE950's on my Eclipse and they stick great in the rain. The RE92's on my TC aren't even close to the RE950's.
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