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Side View Mirror Bulb Replacement

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The side view mirror was broken off by a hit and run. The plastic that the three screws screw into broke. I bought one inch long bolts from Home Depot and screwed it back on. (total cost less than $2). The only problem I have now is the turn signal/hazard light bulbs in the mirror do not work. The mirror still can be moved remotely and I could not find any separate fuse for just the right side, so it must be the bulbs. Before I attempt to replace and possibly break the assembly, is there anyone that knows how to replace them?

Thank you for the help.
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They are LEDs, and hopefully you have a snapped wire somewhere in the mirror, or the harness got pulled out of the LED assembly itself. Pop off the painted part of the mirror (cover) and you will see what I'm talking about.
ahhh.......just get a new pair of the led turn signals. they look better....

but anyway, you should get the service manual. it tells you how to do these thing.
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