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Side Vents

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I've already put white led's in the center vents....but having trouble getting the side vents off.....any suggestions??
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How did you put the LEDs in your center vents, and which LEDs did you use and where could I buy some?

These are my pics from the's easy to get the center console out, just pry along the housing and pull's just plastic clips holding it down. U have to take the shift housing off first though.

I would still love if anyone can help me out on the side vents, I can't get these damn things out.
Pretty interesting lighting mod. Good job.
thanks, as soon as i can get the sides off, I'll post pics
I think a great addition to the DIY guides in the tech info section would be detailed instructions (with pics) on how to tap into various spots in the tC... like, I know there's a way to do it through the lighter, and another through the moonroof console. I mean, there are a few stranded guides throughout the forums, but none are really in-depth.

edit: Oh, the reason I mention this in this thread is because I have no idea how Repo1981 powered up the leds in his vents.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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