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Show me the RIM

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I want to get either a 18x8 or a 19x8 and I am looking for suggestions. I have a flint mica TC 05. Hook me up with some info.

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Grab an import tuner mag and look at the ads...
What do you plan to do with your ride? Is this for show or for performance?
It would be for good looks and hopefully better handling
If you want looks and performance try a 18. It's not to heavy yet not to small. I have 18's and with the trd springs they fill in nicely.
i went for looks, so i got 19 inch motegis FF7, gloss black with a polished lip, i just need 2 drop it
Rims and handling dont really go together...
handling means get better tires and others, changin ur rim wont do anythin...
rims...size....different tires...wider tires...better handling

it all works out in the end.
you get better handling if you put better tires on wider rims, also lighter rims help perfomance.
He said it was between a 18x8 and a 19x8. Trust me I know wide tires I ride on 245/35/18 kdw2's.
Yes I would like 18x8 or 19x8. It is a flint mica TC and we were thinking Shiny Chrome lip with Gun Metal middle.

Can someone recommend a nice brand of rim matching that and then what would be good performing tires?

I am gona go ahead and recommend you try going with a 18x8. You can lose some weight here and still go tall and wide. Try looking at tire for tires. Two sizes that will fit that size rim and still be near the orignal diameter would be a 225/40/18 or 245/35/18. You will find just about every make of high performance tires for 225/40 and you still have some good choices with the 245/35.
does motegis have a web site
BSP, u went with the 19's? What kind of performance difference did u notice in acceleration and handling? Any?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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