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Short sfifter and aftermarket knobs

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aight i did a search and couldnt really find the info i was looking for.

Quick question, does the B&M shifter have the same issue that the stock shifter has with being too long for any aftermarket knobs. My shaft is just TOO LONG!
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No clue, I may be able to update something for ya after this weekend when I do my install.
I'd guess that yes, it does have the same problem with aftermarket knobs, because it does retain the same height as stock. I haven't actually tried putting an aftermarket knob on mine though, so this is just speculation.
i was thinking that being that its like a half inch lower that that may make up for that extra bit of shaft sticking out. hmmmm=.(.. i need it o work. im spose to be putting my shifter on this weekend too buuut i wont have the oppurtunity to test the other knobs for a little while. let me know what u find out.
If you wanna send me a knob, I'd be happy to test it out for ya.
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i thought the b&m did lower the height 1/2 an inch?
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