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short life for tC?

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found a NY times article,

it says, "Down the road, Scion plans to keep its lineup fresh by replacing vehicles with entirely new models, rather than refining the same idea year after year."

Does this truly confirm what I've heard before? a 3 or 5 year shelf life before being tossed aside?

I think that the idea is a good one, and ensures new looks and designs, but how will Scion be able to keep the price tag low with such an obviously massive R/D cost? I know that the tC went from idea to completion in about a year (or so I've read) ...but do they really think that they can repeat that over and over again?

I have also heard that there is a limited production of 20,000 tC's being built. and so far, around 1500 have been delivered (a.k.a in the drivers hands) and another 3,000 or so have been placed on order (deposits made)...anyone else heard this?

Has anyone else heard about any of this? is it true? Yes, No, MaybeSo? If so, is it 3 or 5 years? Only 20,000 being made??? ...i need answers people!!!!!!!! <---momentary lapse of reason, but the panic is gone now...but answers would be appreciated! lol
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nobody on this board will be able to give you a 100% factual answer to your question, any person posting that they "know this or that for fact" concerning your topic is expending falcities. Only Scion insiders know what they will and wont do, and their business plan changes daily with sales figures comming in im sure. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (profit)<------ will dictate the tC's future and nothing more.
I'm sure that you are right in the fact that the wallet rules the rules.... But a published source...? long as I get mine I guess its no worries to me!
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If they do make it limited, the value of the tC would be overwhelming. I doubt they will only make 20k tC's, I think it's unprofitable, if not, not that profitable for all that research and development.

Course this is my assumption. 20k tC's is just way too low.
i heard from another forum, from an actual dealer that they were making 50k only for the first year, so im pretty sure there will be more than 20k, 50k for a whole year is not that much if you think about how many civics or accords are made yearly, also i heard from the actual dealership that i bought my tC that they only make around 800 per car depending on what options, so 20k seems too small, but don't take my word for it

just my $0.02
just to chime in on the R&D expenses, Scion didn't exactly start from scratch, so they definitely saved a ton on $$$. They used the already existing toyota avensis patform and the camry engine, although they definitely did style the car with a lot of unique features that haven't been seen before in a toyota, or other cars for that matter.
I read that the tC is not off the Avensis platform...
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thats odd...i read somewhere that it was off the avensis platform....anyways i heard that the tC does somewhat have a short life......
the xA will retire in 2006
the xB will retire in 2007
and the tC will retire in 2008

this is somewhat good because our cars would be rare (i.e. supra)
but, would it be possible that parts would cost more or parts would be hard to find since the cars will retire???
Parts will not be expensive. Remeber, these cars are built on the Toyota platform. The engine is the same as the Camry. Have no fear.
Originally posted by SilverX@Jul 25 2004, 08:27 PM
I read that the tC is not off the Avensis platform...
here's a review that backs my avensis platform statement.

it was also mentioned in a number of other reviews.
hmm...I've read in several places that it is based off the Avensis platform.
I actually don't mind that Scion is discontinued after 2008. I love rare things so in a way, Scions might become a collectors item. Since it's such a good car, everyone who doesn't already have one by the time it's discontinued might put a high demand on the car and boost up the resale value of the car. It's all good.
Originally posted by SilverX@Jul 25 2004, 08:27 PM
I read that the tC is not off the Avensis platform...
I read in more than one published review that the tC is based on the Avensis, and this was confirmed by salespeople at two different dealerships...
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