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Shoe Polish on glass

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I just got married and my groomsmen wrote all over the glass with white shoe polish. I was leaving the next day for 2 weeks so my parents said they would keep it at there house and clean it. I get back, and there are these white specs all over the sun roofs from the polish that didn't come off. Also, residue on the rest of the windows where they wrote. I took it to the detailer at the dealership and they told me just to go over it with a razor and glass cleaner. I'm afraid I might scratch the class this way since its such a big area. Does anyone know of a product that may help?

PS, I have already tried multiple glass cleaners such as stoners, and I have also tried washing.
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Just be extra careful with the razor blade and you should be alright. You can buy a handle for the razor blade if you think you need the extra control.
You can also use Super Fine Steel Wool.... "0000" grade I repeat..... 0000 grade nothing less!!! Lightly rub on the window.
For shoe polish? Try wiping it with a paper towel. I write on the window of my drag car with it all the time. Rub hard and its off. Don't mess around with a razor blade or steels wool. You're liable to ruin your day.
I've seen car windows with s/p on them and it has come off relatively easily. I don't know what kind they used, but easy things like rubbing, wiping, and begging don't seem to help.
poor you.. should have never gotten married.. but congratulations.. x)
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