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Shocks, Springs, and Rear Sway Bar Installation

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Welp, I ordered my parts from TRD Sparks (I <3 Ken) about a month before I got my tC
. Just got around to installing them today, and due to weather and time I only got the springs and shocks installed. NOTICEABLE difference just from this, but it actually looks pretty cool with just a front drop, hehe. I'll be posting pictures in a little while, weather is kinda funky right now.

The install process wasn't all that bad, we did it without reading any of the HOWTO's... just with a friend from the local car club that did suspension work for S13s' and S14's. The main killer on the install process was that it took about 3hrs to get all the club members that had the various tools needed (spring compressors, various ratchetting(sp?) sets with the needed sizes, jack, wal-mart for a "2-day rental" of jack stands). After that it took about 3hrs (took a while to get the front-left nut underneath the windshield wiper off because we were too lazy to take the wipers off to get the necessary clearance... many curses and bleeding body parts later we got it of... don't get me started on getting it back installed).

Anyways, enough rambling. Was fun and I learned a lot. Thanks to Ken for the parts and awesome service, and thanks to TRD for making the installation SLIGHTLY painless for me (and painful for those casualties of suspension install) then it could have been.

P.S. I somehow burned myself on the shock tie-down in the engine bay when touching one of the nuts.... dunno how. Maybe god hates me?
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I love hearing about grown men playing with nuts. It makes me think of squirrels!
Hey is it possible to buy the parts from Sparks and have it installed by a dealer close by? How much does it usually cost to have springs installed at an outside shop?
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