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shinobi's and his car

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enjoy the car. it was good to meet ya.
You have all seen a BSP b/4 so, shut up

(don't worry I'll get you some daytime pictures tomarrow)
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blah pictures of myself. Sorry about the many run arounds Moritary, I saw busy you were. Then I have to thank you for working with my parents, they tought and are pretty hard to convince.
congrats... can't see the car too well tho
Originally posted by hamster@Jun 18 2005, 01:27 AM
...can't see the car too well tho
Mori put the car in stealth mode, that's why.
that's right. BSP is the stealth of the TeaSea fleet. better recognize.

anyway, it was fun. trust me, your parents weren't bad at all... except for that trade they were trying to "give" me. I'm telling ya.... well, you know.
haha, wait till you see it.
do doubt. i'll have you rollin in no time. can't wait to see this volvo you're bringing me.
I got a great story to tell you when I bring it up to you. If I had any siblings this car would be it, It's 17 years old. Turned 17 last month.
Stealth Mode Deactivated.
is it me or does my car look like flint mica in the day pictures.
it's you....
naw the fleck makes the car look a little like a FM
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damn 17 years old!!! post a pic of this volvo, thats funny.
I would but then Moriarty would make me pay for him to take it away.
Originally posted by Plissken@Jun 19 2005, 09:28 AM
Stealth Mode Deactivated.
naw, it was extra. i think it is worth the cash..

btw, kevin, do you have your car yet????
yup, drove it home, love how I can go 70 mph without the whole car shaking.
Originally posted by shinobi@Jun 22 2005, 02:57 AM
yup, drove it home, love how I can go 70 mph without the whole car shaking.
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