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Shifting w/ Auto

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Somebody told me that if I was going to race my car (street race) to shift into the lowest gear and from there shift the car up like it was a stick.

Others said just hit the gas in high gear and let the car take off and do its thing.

I know I have had to throw it into 3rd a couple of times to brake faster so I didn't hit the car in front of me but I always did it at a speed which I knew 3rd gear could be used. I know with the Mazda RX8 you can do the same thing.
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Shifting to "race" in an auto is pointless. Let the car do it's own thinking -- it will anyway.
Also, we've had an extensive discussion about using the engine as a brake. You should check it out. Very informative.
I searched and couldn't find anything on using the engine for braking. I have only done it once or twice and thats when it was stop or wreck. Allthough I felt like I was going to lose control of the car. But yeah I thought it would be pointless to throw it in the gears manually myself too.
Try here.
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