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Shifter boot...after short throw install

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I installed my short throw about a month ago? And i did the "fix" to the boot looking bunched up, but i think it might look worse this way than just bunched. around the top it is very bunched still and does not sit right around that plastic ring, anyone else getting annoyed? Would any new shorter
boot fit ?
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Well. You can a) try the un-bunching procedure again, and more carefully, or b) cut the boot. If you saw my pics of the unbunching procedure/resulting look - it does not look any worse than it did with the stock height shifter. Just take your time
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zoltiz's looks better than it did before he installed the short-shifter. =P
haha IVE TRIED! a few times, but it dosent look ANY better! yours looks good in your pictures, i dont know....... haha what about a new shorter boot?????? i dont want to do any cutting i dont think....
Bring it over, I'll fix it for you
Or UPS it to me
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Haha, might look a little funny driving around for 2 weeks with no boot and half of my interior missing! How far of a drive from Buffalo NY!
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