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shift knobs

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what size / thread count are our shifters?

any suggestions on places to find a new shift knob?

I'm thinking something metallic to match the silver look of the interior.
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Replacement shifters are a dime a dozen seein how they almost are all Universal & you can get them anywhere... has awesome prices!
If you go w/ something like a MOMO knob, it doesn't matter since you have to tighten three screws w/ an allen wrench & if you buy it new, you'll get everything you need for sizing
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Not sure why, but I love our stock knob. Would love it even more if it was leather with chrome accent, though. Anyone knows of one like that? Maybe off some other car? I'm talking about the one that Celica GTS has, except for 5-speed. Don't want to upgrade the tranny just for the knob
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I got the OBX one with wire mesh. Fits my hand perfectly. Only real gripe is that it gets fairly hot in the summer, and in the few cold days we have had, it is pretty cool to the touch. But it works so well with my palm that I do not regret it. It just screws on tight and does not move. No set screws or anything like that.

i have the obx silver knob and i love it, once i got it to stop moving around that is. i was afraid to keep twisting it around and around until it got tight because i didn't want to break it, but i finally just did and it doesn't move at all now and it didn't break. i think it's worth the money. it looks great with the interior too.
I love the look of this:

TWM Shift Knob

I have an automatic though - any issues that anyone knows of? I assume it will fit fine.
it will fit fine since you have the gateways or whatever, but the reason why that knob is a lil more expensive than others is that its weighted for ease of shifting in a manual car, thus you might want to look for something that looks similar but is less and not weighted of course
I got the TWM but it doesn't thread on. I could still prolly tighten the screws but that doesn't seem really secure. Am I missing something or did I get the wrong part? The invoice says TOSKSS which is the toyota size... grrrrrr I need help.
The TWM was never meant to be used with automatic. It's weighed to make shifting a 5-speed easier - that's the whole idea behind their knob, plus I think it is height-adjustable, which is also useful for a 5-speed.
I understand that, but shouldn't it still fit? The OBX can be used with either. I just like the way it looks.
OBX comes with an extra thread adaptor for the auto. TWM is meant to be used with shifters threaded M12x1.25, Auto looks more like M6x1.25 or smth like that.
well mutha mphfffffff

anyway I can do a patch up myself. the shift knob looks too damn cool.
I gerry-rigged it. threw a rubber band on the threads so they wouldn't rattle and bought those same alan wrench screws - just 1/8" longer and tightened those down. It feels pretty damn secure to me. and it's not like I am shifting every few seconds. I'll post some pics tonight.
here are some pics

it looks a little gunmetal in the pics, but it's the brushed. what do people think?
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ooo i like =), but sorta looks out of place on an auto =), ill throw 20bucks + an obx shifter for that =) hahaha
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