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Shift Knobs

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Okay, so i find out my gf ordered a short shifter from TWM, and im pretty excited, but what i need to know is whats the thread for our shifter, cuz i want to buy a new shift knob because i dont like my OBX classic. I was really looking into the Skunk2 aluminum shift knob but i don't know the thread so im not sure if itll fit on the tC.

Thank you very much
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just a small bump because people cant see my thread on the main page
The thread pattern is M12x1.25 for all toyota shifters, including the Scions. Of course I recommend our weighted knobs for the best shift possible, they are all threaded to OEM specs

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the thread is totally different for automatic transmissions. Not sure what the diameter is but it's more like M6x1.25

So A/T drivers be aware when buying a shift knob... or just do what I did.
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