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Shaved door handles

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Okay, not realy shaved. I would realy like to keep my tC looking as close to stock as possible. I think they did an incredibly good job designing a car that captures a sleak sporty youthfull look, but is still proffessional. (Side story: my dad has been driving a 91 geo prism for YEARS and he is a lawyer runing his own, very succesfull, bankruptcy firm, FINALY I convinced him that he needed a nicer car more befitting a lawyer, and after test driving several cars, includding an accord EX, he impulse baught a tC! And LOVES it)

Back on topic: Keeping in mind that my goal is to keep the car looking stock from the outside I still want to personalize it. Looking around I found a realy nice instructional on how to add a remote door pop kit that uses the stock key remote. My question to all of you is would something like this void my warrenty? I don't see how it could, but some of my friends think it might. I asked my dealer and he said he would check it out and get back to me.

If it doesn't void my warrenty I plan on ordering the parts this week and having my friends help me install it this saterday as a self B-Day present (sunday is my birthday) of course I will take LOTS of pictures.
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I don't see how something like that could not void your warranty. Anything that involves tinkering with your electrical system can and probably will void your car's warranty, at least as far as the electrical system is concerned. If nothing else, it will certainly void your warranty on various parts of the door, including the lock actuators, which are around $400-$500 apiece to replace on most cars.
The way I was going to set it up would not interfear with anything realy, the door already unlocks remotly so I will not need to mess with the lock actuators. I was planning to simply add a solonoid to pull the latch after the lock is unlocked. A spring between the door and the car body would then push the door open about an inch.
The solenoid would still be connected to the electrical system, and it's an added component that any failures near the door or even elsewhere could surely be blamed on...

Not trying to burst your bubble, just letting you know that it will potentially void your warranty.
Sensible guys that drive their (not so expensive) cars for 10 years don't make impulse buys. Your dad knew what he was doing

There are so many ways to customize this car, that it would put adding the "remote door pop" somewhere way down the list.

And yes, if God forbid you'll have *any* electrical problems with your car the dealer will blame it on your add-ons. The dealer once blamed my phone charger when my car wouldn't start (turned out they ripped out the alarm's ground wire, but that's a different, though somewhat funny, story).
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Wouldn't shaved door handles be one more obstacle for a thief (an experienced thief) and probably make lowerclass thiefs just forfeit the idea.
Originally posted by SilverX@Oct 21 2004, 10:25 PM
Wouldn't shaved door handles be one more obstacle for a thief (an experienced thief) and probably make lowerclass thiefs just forfeit the idea.
Say bye bye to a window. Who needs door handles?
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