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I posted this on all the forums I visit.. i wanted people to know the mess I went through.. and help them not go through it either..

here's the post

turns out the p zero nero m&S tires that I got on the tC did turn out to be defective.. tire rack kept telling me that it was "the road" that was causing this vibration.. wouldn't replace it.. finally took it to discount tire.. and sure enough, they balanced it and looked.. tire was out of round.. tire was moving up and down by 1/2 inch! 3 of the 4 tires were defective. I wanted to let everyone know that every time I have bought tires from tirerack they have all turned out to be unbalanceable! I am done with them. I tried to get them to see they were out of round, but they didn't care.. so screw 'em.. I have a feeling they are selling blemished tires.. no way i can prove it.. but seems kind of odd that every tire either I, friends or family have bought from them turns out to be defective. Sure, they'll get on here and defend themselves.. fact is... people need to know about them..

Discount Tire's price was like $15 more.. but at least they'll stand behind it! sheesh.. I think it was good of Discount Tire to actually go the extra mile and get a warranty replacement, something Tire Rack didn't even care to do.. what an outfit..

The new Pzero nero m&s are great.. SO SMOOTH! went up to 75 and even 80 briefly.. and felt like I was only doing 40 mph! nice.. nothing wrong with the tires now, i think it's because of discount tire.. so you pay less $$$ but don't get any help if something goes wrong.. I've fought with Tire Rack before on bad tires and all they cared about was the money, not the service, and i was dumb to go back.. well not me, never again.. just letting all scion owners know about them..

would I get the pzero nero m&s again? sure.. tires are awesome.. service is also important discount tire for me!
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