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Sellling my Flint Mica tC

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As For Sale looks like parts, I couldnt see formal area for cars. If this is wrong area, my apologies.

My Scion is up for sale. It was built in the later part of the year, so no problems with it at all. It was Zaino'ed like crazy. I will try and get some pics up soon if anyone's interested.

Flint Mica, Auto, Side air bags, 7,800 miles. Options: rear bumper cover, rear spoiler, fog lights, carpet/rubber floor mats, mudguards, LE BRA front mask asking $17,9

Gonna start putting it up in online sites soon. I went by KBB price as I thought that was reasonable. Some people may like the 05's considering...

Just thought I'd put a word out.

Update: Hehe. Just realized their millions of Scion's out there *autotrader* etc. But no used ones in my state. I guess I will go that route...

Good luck in your tC searches...
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no offense, but your definately not going to have anyone buying a used tC for close to 18k. they are better off buying a new one.
There's a sucker born every minute... but you probably won't find him/her on a scion forum.

I've seen in Autotrader where people and dealerships were selling used xB's all the way up to $28K!
lol, thats crazy, it mustve been loaded with everything in this world, because i have never known a 15k car double in price...
See less See more see there is this simple economic theory called supply @ demand.
supply and demand doesnt dictate 28K for an xB. in order for that to happen, they would have to be way more popular than they are, and way more rare than they are. xB's are everywhere. its not like they are on order only. and, for that matter, neither is the tC. 18K for a used tC private party is a bit high, but not unrealistic. with some options on it, none the less. retailed for about 18,800 new.
thing is, you cant account for tax and license in your resale price. the next guy needs to pay it, as well. priced down at 16,900 it would be perfect. i assure you, its a little better than what i would give for it on a trade-in at my shop. then we would price it at 19, and negotiate it down a bit to sell it.
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