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seat sticking

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I got my tc monday (labor day) and it already seems like the passenger realese lever at the top of the seat is sticking. It is really hard to move the seat forward and it doesnt go back to the spot it was at when you put it back. Should I take it back and have the dealer look at it or is this normal. Thanks.
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I also found the passenger seat release lever a little difficult to move at first because of the angle, but I got used to it. As far as the seat not returning to its original position after putting it back, it won't. That's not a feature that the tC has. The driver's seat has a "memory" feature, but not the passenger's seat.
I experience the same thing... the passenger side lever is kinda hard to release. Sometimes I get tired of pulling on the top one so I tell them to use the bottom one. I guess its norm...
Yeah, I noticed that too. I think it's no biggie, and is prolly a normal thing. I'm guessing that the more you use the lever, it'll get softer as you break it in. I do wish though that it would have "memory" like the driver's seat does. Oh well. Sucks for the passengers, lol!
do you really "need" sombody in the back seat???? i mean really.
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