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I didn't even see an option for leather seats when I was looking at these cars. I would have loved leather seats, especially the heated kind (at first I thought this was a joke and was only for those high brow people, but my friend has them in her car and in the winter, it makes all the difference, especially if you have ever had back surgery). So is this a factory option? Can one upgrade later or is this something that has to be ordered with the car?

Also, for those people that have the side airbag option, they come out of the corner (shoulder area) of the front seat. Putting a seat cover on seats equipped with the side airbags defeats the safety of the airbag feature, unless you can find special seat covers designed to not impede the airbag deployment. I've never heard of such things, but I'd be interested if anyone could provide a link?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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