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Seat Covers

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I've always rejected the idea of seat covers, as they take away from the natural beauty that is ours, the tC. But, I've noticed that with some of the clothes I wear on a regular basis, they may be irritating the fabric of my seat. I had a couple pairs of cargo shorts that had velcro down flaps on the back pockets, and when I literally stuck myself to my seat, I saw the fibers I accidently pulled out of my seat. So, no more velcro anything. But on a pair of my favorite pants, I have these weird metal things that are probably just for looks but their embroidered onto my jeans on the backside and down the legs. But I think if I continue to wear them in my car, they may hurt the seats

What do you guys do about this? Or should I not care because I'm over reacting?

Here's a picture of the back of my Jeans that I'm talking about..

Yeah yeah, they're only arizona pants, I'm cheap
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Yeah, that's one reason why I prefer leather seats.

I really dont' know, I do like the seats they way they are. Unless you can find a good seat cover, I think it's gonna be between "look good" or "protections".

Oh, may be you can put a sheet of towel down while you're driving and remove it.
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Are your seats damaged at all? Let's see some pics of your interior.
It's hard to tell. If you get down real close and look, you can see the fibers have been abraised. And from a distance, where I sit looks darker. It's weird!

I'll go try and take a photo
Were you able to find a solution to your seat problem? Are you going to consider seat covers?
jus go leather, or atleast vinyl. 600 bux
or you can just get a seat cushion.. and not the whole seat cover..
I didn't even see an option for leather seats when I was looking at these cars. I would have loved leather seats, especially the heated kind (at first I thought this was a joke and was only for those high brow people, but my friend has them in her car and in the winter, it makes all the difference, especially if you have ever had back surgery). So is this a factory option? Can one upgrade later or is this something that has to be ordered with the car?

Also, for those people that have the side airbag option, they come out of the corner (shoulder area) of the front seat. Putting a seat cover on seats equipped with the side airbags defeats the safety of the airbag feature, unless you can find special seat covers designed to not impede the airbag deployment. I've never heard of such things, but I'd be interested if anyone could provide a link?
Well from what I understand its an option now in this Special Edition package. But you can get leather from a variety of dealers like Katskins.
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