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For anybody who wants to turn that Seat Belt Reminder off.

Scion tC New Car Features page BE-43 said:
Buzzer Reminder Cancel Mode Setting
1) Set the LCD on the combination meter to the ODO display.
2) Press and hold the TRIP meter reset knob for ten seconds or more within six seconds of turning the
ignition switch to the ON position. Fastening the driver’s seat belt while holding the knob cancels the
buzzer reminder.
3) When this occurs, the LCD displays “b-OFF”. The buzzer reminder can be switched between ON and
OFF each time the TRIP meter reset knob is pressed. The LCD displays “b-ON” or “b-OFF” according
to the buzzer reminder ON/OFF status. The display changes to the ODO or TRIP meter” if the knob
is not pressed for ten seconds.
4) Performing steps 1) and 2) again when the buzzer reminder is off exits cancel mode.
5) The cancel mode will also exit when the battery or combination meter connector is reconnected.

your welcome.
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