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scratches on the bottom of the car

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hey guys....

i am the saddest day of my life. I was enjoying a beautiful early fall day in my scion TC. everything was great till i found myself blocked on my way to my apartment building. i had to move my car a little into the bushes, but my bad luck the way it is, there was a big ####ing stone in those bushes. I scratched the bottom of my car (below the door) at 3 spots. I am gonna post the piuctures tomorrow so u can see it clearly.
now, i badly want to clean it up. please give me some suggestions. I am even ready to buy the ground effects kit if it helps. please help me out.
Killer Raj
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on the bottom or the side?????

if the scratches are not TOO bad you can buff them out.
I guess pictures would help at this point.
wow, sorry to hear that man.
guys ,
Thanks for ur kind words. I am sorry I took this long to post my pictures. I was waiting to get a new camera to get the pictures.
please see the pictures during happier days posted in the images section.

posted below are the pics of the scratches that i was talking about.

please see the pictures and suggest me the best way to do damage control.
Thanks a lot guys.....
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It looks like those are pretty deep. You might have to clean it out and use touch up paint. Doesn't look like a regular buff job would solve that problem.

Best of luck man.
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I bought a spare set of running boards off eBay for $50 shipped. You might be able to do the same.
holy crap!! it's on the door too. i cringed when i saw the pics. i hope it all works out for you and you get it fixed ok.
Here are some on ebay : Click here They are even the same color, for cheap, too.

*disclaimer: I am not the one selling these on ebay, nor do I know the person selling them.

Oh, I can vouch for this person, because this is who I bought my spares from. Although they lie and say that they are the Ground Effects side skirts, the box that mine came in said clearly that they are the standard ones. Genuine Toyota, flint mica, and sealed. What a deal.

Edit: Great catch, joshmoney.
hey guys,
I really appreciate all u guys trying to help me. I showed it to a friend of mine and he said the mechanic will charge 250~300 dollars. It kinda broke my heart. But if this Ebay thing is legit, its a god send for me. please elaborate how to do this.

kwiksilver, there is nothing on the door actually. The stuff u r thinking as scratches is just dirt.....
waiting for ur replies guys.....
I dunno how bad it would be to switch out your side skirts for the new ones, but from the looks of them it wouldn't be too bad.
I'm pretty sure they pop off with clips, with screws holding them down on the ends. Call the sciion dealer and ask to speak to a shop tech. They will probably tell you.

That second pic is just dirt? It sure does look like there are scratches in the door.
Originally posted by Redfish@Oct 14 2004, 10:00 AM
That second pic is just dirt? It sure does look like there are scratches in the door.
Yup it kinda looks like a scratch on the door too (towards the right side of the second pic). Like Wolo said, you could use touch-up paint. I've had pretty good success touching up some of my cars to where you can't even see it. Here is a link in case you wanted to go that route:

Hope this helps.
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