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I am offering a groupd buy on the new scionspeed turbo kit.

Direct from their website:

Scion Speed only utilizes the highest quality components and materials, to produce a trouble free and reliable system, resulting in the highest output turbo systems available on the market period. Unlike most kits on the market, our systems include a Billet blow off valve, Billet external wastegate, an oil pan with oil drain fittings, plug and play harness for electronics, and a comprehensive instruction manual with detailed pictures. So there is no welding or ECU wiring involved, just a straight forward high quality bolt on installation, which also boasts show quality looks.

We are now taking pre-orders at a reduced price until March 1, after which pricing will revert to MSRP. We will begin preorder delivery starting mid March, on a first come first serve basis. Note: Our previous level 3 systems are now offered as a level 2 system, and we now offer an upgraded stage 3 system. MSRP and Pre-order pricing are as follows:

Scion Speed Level 1 Turbo system 65%-85%+ increase in power (includes shipping)
*Does not include intercooler system.

MSRP $3379.95

*****Group Buy Price:$2900

Scion Speed Level 2 Turbo system 85%-105%+ increase in power (includes shipping)
**Performance clutch recommended (300hp capable clutch)

MSRP $4217.43

*****Group Buy Pricing $3600

Scion Speed Level 3 Turbo system 125%-165%+ increase in power (includes shipping)
**Performance clutch required (400hp+ capable clutch)
***Limited slip differential conversion recommended
**** Forged internals recommended
***** Block Guard recommended

MSRP $6502.43

*****Group Buy Pricing $5550

Level 2 kit capable of 200% increase in power with forged internals, block guard, fuel system upgrade (to stage 3 spec), and inline fuel pump.
Level 3 kit capable of 300% increase in power with forged internals, block sleeve, and inline fuel pump.

Ill be running this Group buy until the end of February. Pricing discount may go down as the pricing I have listed is for 5 kits. If I get more then that, I will adjust the price accordingly! If you need any information feel free to email me or pm me. Thanks!

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not bad, thanks for the offering to everyone here. if i was thinking of a turbo, i would be real interested at those prices. thanks again.

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I am still curious on how much the intercoolr is going to run with the stage 1 because I know I am going to be wanting an intercooler to go along with it
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