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Scion Tuner Concept tC

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Tuner Concept tC

any info? besides those one in the pics?
price? so on

tell me if this is repost

oopps wrong section, just noticed, i thought i went to Scion tC Talk
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link is broken
No, you just have to have a SN and sign in to see the boards.

It won't let me post the photos. Sorry.
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lol no wonder

it would b good if its a lot cheaper
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i like the badge.. thats about it
i dont get the darker front end part
Great idea except the roof should be metal or CF for less weight;)

I believe the idea is to sell it for less so tuners do not have to pay for parts they do not need.

What would be really cool is if it came with some really well engineered handing, brake and power mods that are costly to upgrade but cheap for them. Things like LSD, clutch, coilovers(or really good struts and springs)

Nice wheels. *retch*
i need some steelies...
Originally posted by EddieMoney@Nov 9 2005, 01:56 PM
I wouldn't mind it, you could keep the steelies for winter
Not too valuable to those of us who live where it doesn't snow.

Seriously, when I was looking to buy, I thought that the stock 17s on the tC were one of its nicest features. That was a big part of why I decided to get the tC.
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yeah, but i can appreciate the idea behind it. its like buying the dx civic cause you know you are going to build it. makes sense on a certain level.
i really want to know the price...
but if only the roof and the rim r different, then theres not much of a point, unless its a lot cheaper
i'm sure it'll be a lot chepaer..
I like those rims!!! lol
... Maybe I'm not looking at it right, but doesnt that just look like a Silver tC with steel rims on it? I'm not noticing a difference...
It is... It's the "Cheaper" version of the tC... so tuners don't have to pay as much for some stuff... since they're going to change them out anyway.
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